2nd August 2021 

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News, About <BR>& Contact Details. Nov 20: Lockdown Visitors

Artists and creatives around London are displaying work in their windows to help raise awareness of the art community at a time when so many exhibitions, fairs, open studios and other opportunities have been cancelled due to Covid. I will be displaying some of my work in my window so that they can be viewed from the pavement. Above is one of my paintings: 'Lockdown Visitors.' For more paintings and more details, please click here.

About Maureen

Maureen Harrison was born in Burnley, Lancashire and studied Fine Art at Sheffield School of Art.

'After graduation I worked painting scenery for different TV and Theatre productions. A number of other unrelated jobs and a family commitments followed during which time I continued to exhibit with various groups around London and the North of England. I have been involved with Crouch End Open Studios for over 10 years.

To illustrate the urban landscape in decline, I choose strong forms in order to capture the drama of those spaces no longer needed, nor used as originally intended. Abandoned places have always interested me, with their mood of reflective romance. Even subjects perhaps considered mundane, when seen in our ever changing seasonal light, reveal a certain beauty not necessarily expected in modern cityscapes. The atmosphere of a piece is equally as important to me as the depiction of the subject.'

As you will see, my website is organised into different galleries by topic. We're currently re-organising it and would welcome any feedback or general comments, please click click here to send me an email. If you are interested in viewing a painting in any of the galleries outside of exhibition times, please call or click click here to email me for an appointment, contact details below.

Maureen Harrison
Tel: (020) 8341 1071
email: click here

'Ferme Park Evening'

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